Kenneth Dolan

On May 23, 2019, Kenneth Dolan arrived at Life Care Center of Melbourne, Florida, following a long series of medical complications.


He initially entered the hospital in March for gastrointestinal issues, but ended up staying hospitalized and bedridden for nearly two months.


“I don’t remember much of that time in the hospital,” said Dolan. “My family tells me that I died on the operating table.”


Prior to his hospitalization, Dolan played golf three times a week and rode his bicycle 10 miles a day, but, after he lost 30 pounds during his hospital stay, he could barely sit up on the edge of his bed due to extreme deconditioning. He was also completely dependent for all transfers and needed assistance with all aspects of his self-care.


Physical and occupational therapists worked to help Dolan regain the muscle and independence he had lost. Physical therapists used strengthening exercises and equipment to help him regain his balance, transfer without assistance and walk with a walker. Occupational therapists focused on helping Dolan perform his activites of daily living, like dressing and bathing.


After eight weeks at the facility, Dolan has made impressive strides toward a full recovery. In fact, he is preparing to return home, a place he hasn’t seen in four months, for the final stages of his rehabilitation.


“Mr. Dolan’s goals are to return to walking without an assistive device, to get back to golfing and to enjoy his daily bike rides again,” said Kim Jordan, director of rehab. “Based on his drive and successes so far, these goals are well within his reach.”


Dolan reflected upon his therapy, crediting his success to the outstanding physical and occupational therapists who worked with him. He was also appreciative of his sons, who came to Melbourne to support him, as he found the mental aspect of therapy to be the most challenging.


“The hardest part was between the ears,” said Dolan. “I had to find the motivation to get better.”


Dolan is excited to return home and thankful for the team at Life Care Center of Melbourne.