Wendell Dalton

Wendell Dalton’s first stay at Life Care Center of Melbourne, Florida, for rehabilitation was in November 2018 following a hospitalization related to a fall at home.


Since then, Dalton has needed four subsequent rehab stays due to ongoing health issues as well as injuries as a result of repeated falls at home.


These setbacks were no small matter for someone as active as Dalton, who served at Cape Canaveral in the Air Force before working for 40 years for Radio Shack. In his younger days, he enjoyed physical activities like swimming, water skiing and tennis, and he lives in a home on a large piece of land that he enjoys tending to in his leisure time.


On Dalton’s most recent admission, the Life Care interdisciplinary team noted that he was developing progressive weakness of his extremities. A follow-up with a neurologist identified significant stenosis, or narrowing in his cervical spine, most likely contributing to his declining balance, progressive weakness and falls over the past year.


In the midst of these critical medical issues, Dalton was awaiting knee replacements. This elective surgery was deferred to address the immediate intervention needed to correct the impingement on his spinal cord.


With the help of the interdisciplinary team at Life Care Center of Melbourne, as well as his three children, Dalton has exceeded expectations for recovery.


Following his spinal surgery, Dalton recounted, “I was totally paralyzed. Everything was a challenge.”


Dalton credits the medical and rehabilitation staff at Life Care for his recovery.


“I could not have made it this far without therapy guiding me along,” Dalton said. “I owe them a lot.”


Dalton’s progress was so exceptional that he was able to undergo the knee replacement surgery this past November. He has returned to walking independently with his rollator and now is making plans for the second knee surgery! It’s no surprise that he plans to return to Life Care Center of Melbourne after his second joint replacement procedure as well.